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The market is where a player can purchase different items. The market contains crops, bushes, creatures, decorations, buildings and special items.

  • To purchase items from the market click on the market icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • At the top of the menu there are several categories you can purchase from. Choose your category by clicking on the appropriate tab.
  • You may see that some items are locked. You must reach a certain level of the game before some items are unlocked for purchase.
  • Note that each item will earn you a certain number of XP, and contributes a certain number of points to either the “Journey,” “Party,” or “Brawl” categories in the “Gnomespedition” or “PvP” feature of the game. You should consider these points when making a purchase as they can help you win in certain categories during your five challenges per day.
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