Like any large, complex game, Gnome Town has it's fair share of bugs. These cause huge amounts of anger and frustration for the players, and often a big headache for the game developers.

While some of the problems are genuine bugs, Playdom, the makers of Gnome town, often 'test' features on small groups of players at a time. Sometimes, these test features don't work correctly, or the test period ends, and they remove the feature, causing players to believe that a part of the game has stopped working.

This page will be regularly updated with information from the Playdom Support site[1], but due to the nature of this arrangement, the official Known Bugs list may be more up-to-date than this one.

Known BugsEdit

The following are known problems with Gnome Town. The development team are working on fixing these. Urgent problems are shown in red, other known issues in yellow, and recently fixed problems in green.

Bug Name Description Notes
Staffing When a building requires Staff to monkey complete it's construction, staff invites can be sent to your friends, but your building never gets any staff. A known bug. Playdom are still working on a solution. For some players, this may be intermittent, so it's often worth re-sending a few staff invites every day. It also doesn't necessarily affect every building in your town.
Gifting Issues Not being able to send or receive gifts Usually a temporary problem - try again later. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Missing Neighbours Some of your neighbours vanish from your neighbour bar (below the game screen). This is usually a temporary issue, related to the interaction between Gnome Town and Facebook. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Quests not credited Some players, when completing a part (or all) of a quest, find that their efforts aren't counted. For example, if a quest tells you to harvest 10 corn, you may find that one or two harvests aren't counted. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
PvP Quests Text Issue When receiving a PvP (Gnomespedition) quest, it will give the wrong number of required quests in the information. For example, it might say "Complete 10 Brawls", yet the counter will show "0 of 24 completed". Affects all PvP quests, such as Enchanted Forest Soiree. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Can't Click Debris When trying to clear up debris (acorns, silver pebbles, mushrooms, etc...), you may find that you can't click on the item to remove it A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Missing Cursor The mouse pointer vanishes, making it impossible to click on anything A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Busy Helpers When a user tries to do any of the missions it tells them their helpers are busy. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Stuck in Tutorial Players get stuck in the tutorial. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Incomplete Loading A Player's Town doesn't load properly, and parts (or all of it) looks invisible. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Previous Quest Items When exploring, occasionally an item will be uncovered that belongs to a previous quest (for example, a Teapot from the Gnoming Beacon quest) A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Loss of Progress Quest items that have been placed in the Town, vanish. They aren't in Inventory so can't be replaced. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Fortress Quest Bug The Fortress foundation vanishes (see 'Loss of Progress' above), and when exploring for the foundation or Petrified Mushrooms, they can't be found. A known issue that Playdom are trying to fix.
Stuck in the Corner Players get stuck in the corner of their towns, and cannot get out. Now Fixed.
Cannot visit Neighbours Players get stuck in their own town, and cannot visit neightbours. Now fixed.
Stuck in Neighbours Town Players get stuck in their neighbours town, and cannot return home. Now fixed.
Beacon Quest Issues When doing the many quests to complete the Gnoming Beacon, parts of the quests didn't work, meaning the beacon could not be built. Now fixed.

Page last updated: 17th September 2011

Test FeaturesEdit

The following are features that Playdom have been testing on small groups of players. If you don't have this feature, then you are not in the test group for it. If you do have the feature, don't be surprised if it suddenly stops working when the test period is over. Note that none of the 'problems' below are actual bugs, and some have been given to random players as a 'gesture of gratitude'.

Test Group Description Notes
Machete Forge On completing a machete forge quest, the player gains a Machete Forge, which allows a machete to be constructed in 48 hours using 20 Polished Metal.
Cheap Blacksmith Some players can buy the Blacksmith in the market for 7,500 Icon Silver. The normal cost is 89 Icon Gold.
Daily Bonus Some players receive a bonus of Silver Coins for logging in every day. After 5 days, they get 1 Machete and the daily counter resets. Many players have reported this feature has now been removed.
Fertilizer Fertilizer can be used to speed up crop harvesting
Level 50 Some players find that they are able to advance up to level 50. Level 40 is the normal max level for most players.
Helpers Toolbar A toolbar at the bottom of the screen, which shows how many of your helpers are free and how many are busy.


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