Your inventory is where you will find all the gifts that other players have sent to you and also any other objects that you may have acquired from completing quests. Some of the items in your inventory may be placed in your town, and others are simply collected in your inventory until they are required, usually to complete a part of a quest.

As a general rule, items with a plain brown background may be placed in your town. Items with a gray or patterned cannot be placed, and will be removed from your inventory automatically when necessary.

Gifted ItemsEdit

All of the following items can be sent as gifts to another player. If they are in your inventory, then you have probably received it as a gift from one of your friends

Inv Polished Metal
Inv Stone Blocks
Inv Firefly
Inv Magic Cloth
Inv Sweet Sugar
Inv Bonsai Tree
Inv Ladybug
Inv Wheel Barrow
Inv Flagpole
Inv Corn
Inv Flower Box
Inv Shield
Inv Picnic Table
Inv Strawberry Bush
Inv Rack of Armor
Inv Turnip
Inv Topiary Owl
Inv Candy Bag
Inv Foreboding Tombstone

Special ItemsEdit

Special Items are generally one-off items that are gained from completing a quest. Some may be placed in your town, and others may be required for later quests.

Inv Huge Mushroom
Inv Semi-Magical Mushroom
Inv Topiary Bunny
Inv Well
Inv Acorn Cannon
Inv Cherry Tomato
Inv Thread Spool Chair
Inv Barn
Inv Mortar And Pestle
Inv Teapot
Inv Mason Jar
Inv Fortress Foundation
Inv Petrified Mushroom
Inv Baking Rack
Inv Medicinal Mushroom
Inv Machete Forge
Inv Golden Wind Chimes
Inv Silver Fountain
Inv Ballot Box
Inv Daily Bonus Mystery Gift
Inv Pumpkin
Inv Small Debris Bomb
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