Gnomespeditions are one-on-one battles against another player. There are three types of Gnomespedition: Journey, Brawl and Party. Battles are based on each opponents points in each of these types.

Choosing a GnomespeditionEdit

To start a Gnomespedition, you should click on the Vs button, which can be found in the bottom-right corner of the game screen. You will then be presented with a list of possible opponents. You should pick an opponent by clicking on the Interact button at the end of a row. The Wise Old Gnome will then advise you on the three types of battle available. If you hover over each of the battle types, he will give you a rough indication of your chances of success. Simply click on a battle type to initiate a battle, or click Go Back to choose a different opponent.

Chance of SuccessEdit

Your chance of winning a Gnomespedition is based largely on superior numbers. If you have more points than your opponent in each of the contributary areas, then you have a higher chance of success. The points areas that are used for Gnomespeditions are:

  • Level
  • Neighbours (how many Friends you have)
  • Helpers (Creatures you have rescued)
  • Gnomespedition Points (Journey, Brawl or Party)
  • Random Factor

Generally, the list of available opponents will often have just players of a higher level than yourself. You cannot see your opponents points before initiating a battle, so must rely solely on the advice of the Wise Old Gnome. However, looking at your opponents wins vs losses will give you a good clue on how you'll do (not always, but 75% of the time). Try to choose opponents who have many more losses than wins.

The easiest way to increase your chances of winning is to increase your Journey, Brawl or Party points, by buying buildings and decorations from the Market. You can also boost your points by inviting more of your friends to play Gnome Town.

Wise Old Gnome Large

Wise Old Gnome's AdviceEdit

The Wise Old Gnome is able to give an indication of what the outcome of a battle might be. His advice is quite accurate, but does not take into account the 'Random Factor', which can mean the difference between a win and a loss. The table below gives a clearer indication of your chance of success, based on the advice of the Wise Old Gnome.

Chance of Success Brawl Icon Brawl Journey Icon Journey Party Icon Party
Forget it! You will be utterly destroyed You will be utterly out partied
Very Low This doesn't look good at all This doesn't look fun at all
Low It's a long shot This Journey will go Badly It's a long shot party
High The odds are on your favour
Very High! It's in the bag This journey is in the bag This party is in the bag
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