Requests for Rollback

This is the section where formal requests for rollback rights can be filed. Rollback rights enable normal users to use a [rollback] button to quickly revert vandalism from history pages. It is particularly useful on The Gnome Town Wiki when an admin is unavailable to take bigger action against vandals. There is no maximum number of rollback users, so if you believe you deserve rollback rights, please do not hesitate to make a request.

Current Status for Requests: 40px-Icon_yes_check_v.svg.png OPEN

Current Requirements:

  • Strong history of contributions; quality is more important than quantity
  • History of anti-vandalism work - undoing or reporting vandals, or both
  • No history of serious blocks due to vandalism or sockpuppetry. Weight will be given to recent history, and good faith should be assumed in making these judgments wherever possible.


Requests for Sysop

This is the section where formal requests for sysop rights can be filed.

Current requirements

If you have proven yourself to be a valuable member of the community, and you think you're capable of doing the job, this is where to apply. Minimum requirements are:

  • Average or higher wiki editing knowledge.
  • Understandable, (almost 100%) correct English all the time.
  • Playing the game is nice, since you'll be editing and making decisions based on the game's content.
  • Be able to expand articles to make them more useful for the community.
  • Trustful to use these rights in a positive manner. Please read our Staff Policy for more information.

Current Status for Requests: 50px-Red_x_cross_uncheck_bad.svg.png CLOSED


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