Although, we want GnomeTown Wiki to be a fun, enjoyable place to work in, there are policies that must be enforced at all times. Policies help keep GnomeTown Wiki users notified what they shouldn't be doing.

  • No spamming
  • No vandalizing
  • No profanity
  • No inappropriate edits
  • No foreign website links that are not approved by administrators
  • No off topic articles
  • No sockpuppeting, or using multiple accounts
  • Refrain from editing another user's userpage without consent of that user
  • No plagiarizing; nobody likes a copycat
  • Do not remove content from pages that are valid information
  • Do not harass another user


All of the rules above apply. Breaking the rules will result in a ban from the chat (BannedFromChat group) and possibly blocked from the wiki as well.

Good Things to Note...Edit

  • Remember to sign your posts with four tildes (~~~~), or three! The signature will be replaced with the signature you set up on your preferences after saving your edit.
    • You should not sign on content pages.
    • Please ensure that you're signature clearly identifies that it is you who is leaving the message. It should be linked to your userpage. Customize your signature through your preferences!
  • Editing war is not acceptable. Do not fight over what you believe is right and what is not on an article against another user/group.
  • If there are no active administrators, and misbehaving users are terrorizing the wiki, you may contact the VSTF (Volunteer Spam Task Force) of the user(s).
  • If you are assigned to a user group (admin, rollback, etc.) remember to use those rights fairly and not for wrongdoing. The policies above apply to everybody. Breaking it may result in removal of your rights. You may or may not gain it back.
    • Do not overpower a user. "Ha! I'm an admin, you're not!" is not acceptable. We are all the same but with extra buttons to help the wiki.
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