There are two different types of currencies: silver coins and gold bars. Silver coins can be earned in various ways. Gold bars are member benefits that allow the player to purchase exclusive items or obtain more tools.

Silver CoinsEdit


Silver Coins

Silver Coins are the main currencies in GnomeTown. Silver Coin are used to purchase items, crops, or buildings in the market. There are many ways to earn silver coins:


The following icons are used for Silver Coins when they are awarded. These icons usually appear next to whatever has been harvested or tended, although may also drop into the center of your town.

Icon Silver Sm
Icon Silver Med
Icon Silver Lg
0-99 Silver 100-999 Silver 1000+ Silver
Icon Gold Bars

Gold Bars

Gold BarsEdit

Gold Bars are member benefits where players can purchase or restock on items or tools. Gold bars are some of the rewards when a player levels up. Players can also earn gold bars by buying them using real money in the game under "Add Gold".

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