Characters are any gnome or creature that appears in the game. This includes Helpers and Non-Helpers. These are sorted in categories below.

Standard HelpersEdit

The following helpers, found in cages, can join you:

Char Botkin
Char Snickers
Char Snackers
Char Chipper
Char Stefan
Botkin Snickers Snackers Chipper Stefan
Char Mr Squeakers
Char Mrs Squeakers
Char Roosevelt
Mr. Squeakers Mrs. Squeakers Roosevelt Myrtle

Temporary HelpersEdit

The following helpers are temporary. The Raccoon family is only accessible inside the Briar Patch, and once Roosevelt has been obtained, cannot be accessed again.

Char Raccoon 1
Char Raccoon 2
Char Raccoon 3
Roosevelt's Brother Roosevelt's Mum Roosevelt's Dad

Special HelpersEdit

As of now, there is one exclusive helper whom can be purchased in the market using gold:



The characters shown below are those who you may see wandering around in the game, but will not help you to harvest your crops. You may be able to 'interact' with these characters, but cannot control them.

Char Gnome King
Char Sir Gnomeahad
Char Sir Lady Gnomivere
Char Court Jester
The Gnome King Sir Gnomeahad Sir Lady Gnomivere Court Jester
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