A Fuzzy Caterpillar. Will it become a beautiful butterfly?


Caterpillars are the third creature that becomes available, at level 14. They take 6 hours to feed, then you must wait another 4 hours before feeding them again.


Caterpillars should be fed to allow them to grow, but will not die if feeding is neglected. As soon as they are ready for feeding, they will simply remain in that state until you choose to feed them.

Each time you feed a Caterpillar, you have a chance of gaining one item from the Caterpillar Collection. If you collect one of each of the five items that make up the full collection, then you will be rewarded with 225 Silver Coins and 225 Food.

Life CycleEdit

Caterpillar Life Cycle
Life Cycle of the Caterpillar

When first purchased, caterpillars are quite small, but as you feed them, they grow. After 2 feedings, the baby caterpillar becomes a fat caterpillar, and after another 3 feeding, becomes the butterfly.